The Power of a Half Hour

The Power of a Half Hour

I recently read a book entitled, “The Power of a Half Hour” by Tommy Barnett. Barnett offers various insights on the importance of how we use our time. Have you ever considered what you can do if you will break down your life into half hour segments and give focus to them? Think about the half hour that you might spend thinking about your life and purpose. What about the half hour that you could spend each day improving your gifts and abilities. I guess you could call it your daily half hour “Tune Up”.
Barnett shared the importance of spending half hours with God in reading the Bible, praying and worshipping. He tells the story of how a lady was struggling spending time with God. Her life like many of ours was packed with time restraints. However, one day she realized that every day she spent a half hour in her car going to work. She started the discipline of turning off the radio and spending that half hour talking and listening to God. The discipline was hard to start and keep, but soon became a very important half hour in her day.
Another important half hour of our day could be spent working on our attitude. Our attitude is not just to be seen as a negative or positive part of our life, but is the very central part of who we are. Oh, by the way, people will define you by your attitude.
Barnett reminds us of the importance of making every “half our” of our day important. He even includes a personal action plan and a small group study guide.
“The Power of a Half Hour” is not only a great read, but a wonderful tool to have in your toolbox.
Today, you have 48 half hours—what will you do with them?
I received this book for free from “Blogging for Books” for this review.
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