Who Cares?

Who Cares?

We are often concerned about what others think about us. However, we may be setting ourselves up for failure because those who we think are thinking about us are really not thinking about us. In other words, we should not spend our time or energy on issues that are not important.

If we are concerned about what others are thinking, we should first consider a wonderful scripture found in Psalm 40:17, “The Lord thinketh upon me”. What a wonderful thought to consider, that even in the midst of my trials and troubles, God is thinking about me. Have you ever considered what He is thinking? Could He be thinking about what I am wearing—whether He likes it or not? Could He be thinking about my hair? Could He be thinking about what I drive or how I drive? Or, could He be thinking about where I live? The list could go on and on.

Let me remind you that God doesn’t act nor think as we do. While our perspective and understanding of life is very narrow, He is able to see far beyond what we could ever imagine and His thoughts are greater than we could ever imagine.

So, what about God’s thoughts? His thoughts are always accurate. He knows us, everything about us. He knows our thoughts, desires, attitudes and even the unspoken words of our tongue. His thoughts are many. He has many thoughts about each of us. Can you imagine being on the mind of God right now? His thoughts are constantly about us. His thoughts for us are lovely. He loves us like no one ever has or ever will love us.

Are you struggling today about how others may be thinking about you? Turn your focus on the One whose thoughts really matter. Just remember that you are on His mind—right now!



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