What is God about to do?

Have you ever considered that question? I recently shared with our church family this very question, “What is God about to do?” How do we know when to ask such a question? It may be when God presents us with a question that we are to respond to. It may be when we are confronted with a challenge that is bigger than we are. It may be when God instructs us to follow Him on a certain path, simply trusting Him for the outcome.

I recently shared my story of “Ripe Figs”. The story simply focused on the importance of living and waiting for the “due season” to reap the figs. To reap figs prematurely would not be tasteful or to wait too long, they would be either eaten by the birds or maybe too ripe to harvest. Earlier this week, my wife, Julie and I picked a couple of gallons of figs. They were beautiful and very tasty. We didn’t need them, so I called a friend up and asked if they would like to have the raw figs. Their response was “Yes, indeed. I would like to have some to make preserves”. Well, I took the figs to our friend’s house. The same evening, our friend walked up to me and gave me a bag which contained a jar of fig preserves. As you can imagine, I was delighted. My mind immediately went to the thought of having hot biscuits and fresh homemade fig preserves.

In order to make fig preserves, figs are needed. Like the story in John 6, a great company of over 5000 people had been with Jesus. Jesus asked about feeding the crowd. Andrew found a lad who had five loaves and two fishes, but what were they among so many? Jesus had the people sit down, and He took the loaves and fishes and gave thanks to them. The entire crowd was fed and twelve baskets of fragments, leftovers were gathered. In order to feed the multitude, the lad was willing to place his tiny lunch in the hands of Jesus.

Raw figs given—fig preserves received. A lad’s small lunch given–over 5000 people fed.

What is God about to do? We may never know unless we are willing to place before Him whatever we have, totally trusting Him with the outcome.

What is God about to do in your life?



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